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Your Trusted Certification Partner for Multinational Food and Raw Material Manufacturers

As a reputable and well-established Kosher certification agency, we take pride in providing all our clients with the highest level of reliability and affordability when it comes to certifying multi-national food and raw material manufacturers. 

Our team is committed to ensuring that all standards are met with the utmost accuracy and expertise, no matter the size or complexity of the project. Additionally, our comprehensive certification process includes thorough assessments and evaluations, tailored specifically to the needs of each client and their product, to guarantee the highest quality results. 

With our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, we are able to offer our services at a price point that is not only competitive but also flexible and adaptable to your unique budget. 


Our Kosher Standard

We give the highest Kosher standard in the Kosher Industry. Our certification is known as Badatz standard or Super Kosher which means it appeals to the full spectrum of the Kosher market.

Our Kosher logo is known worldwide by the Kosher consumers as the highest standard in Kosher. This allows the companies that we Kosher certify to have the benefit of selling their products internationally in all countries. 

Certified companies worldwide,
respected internationally.

We give Kosher certification in over 81 countries worldwide. We certify companies in all the continents from Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North & South America, & Australia.

We have offices based in Israel, Argentina, France, India, Indonesia, Turkey with the Head Office in Manchester, UK.

Our organization is proud to work with leading International Companies in providing Kosher consumers worldwide for both retail products & raw materials.

Our Service

Our Process


Apply On-Line

Submit your company details and your line of products via e-mail, with the form provided. Apply On-Line. We will contact you by phone or email to assist you with the application form and to discuss your ingredients and products, as well as your prospects for kosher certification. Once we receive your application form we will give you our no obligation quotation. If you accept our quotation we will setup a visit to your plant.


Initial Visit to Your Production Plant and Post-Visit Analysis of Process and Ingredients

Based upon the information collected from your application form, BIR will set up an appointment at your convenience to visit your manufacturing facility. The purpose of the inspection is to clarify the details of the ingredients and manufacturing equipment used in your production process.


Finalization of the Kosher Certification Agreement

After the plant visit a Kosher contract will be drawn up containing your products and raw materials. Once signed and returned the Kosher certificate also known as 'Letter of Certification' (LOC) will be issued. The Kosher symbol may then be applied to the certified products that you produce. We wish you lots of success in selling your products.


Increase your target market

When it comes to food companies, gaining consumer trust and increasing sales is crucial. One way to achieve this is by obtaining Kosher certification, which ensures that your products meet the strict dietary laws and guidelines established by the Jewish faith. 

By obtaining our assistance, you can rest assured that your products will not only be compliant with Kosher standards, but also that their quality and taste will remain unaffected. This certification can open doors to a previously untapped market, as people of all faiths seek out Kosher products for their assurance of cleanliness and thorough inspection. 

With our help, you can showcase your commitment to quality and compliance, all while expanding your customer base and boosting your sales. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your mark in the ever-growing food industry.


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