International certification


Operating on a global scale

Our company is a global player with a presence in every part of the globe. With offices and operations in different countries, we serve our clients seamlessly regardless of their location.  Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that all raw materials are thoroughly examined and certified to meet these requirements. By partnering with our company, our clients can confidently manufacture and market their kosher products to a wide range of consumers, increasing their competitiveness in the marketplace. With our widespread reach, we have built strong relationships with industry leaders and are well-equipped to serve clients from various sectors.  We are committed to providing world-class services that add value to our clients’ businesses wherever they operate.


Certified companies worldwide,
respected internationally.

We have offices based in Israel, Argentina, France, India, Indonesia, Turkey with the Head Office in Manchester, UK. Our organization is proud to work with leading International Companies in providing Kosher consumers worldwide for both retail products & raw materials.