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We certify Raw materials & Retail products

At our Kosher certification Agency we give Kosher certification to raw materials produced all over the world as well as retail products sold in supermarkets worldwide. Kosher certification is for anything in the Food and Beverage sector, Pharmaceutical sector, Cosmetic sector, Food Packaging as well Kosher transportation. Kosher transportation includes ISO tank certification, Truck certification, Ship certification as well as Cleaning Stations.

Unlike some certification agencies that primarily focus on end products, our unique approach centers on the fundamental building blocks of food production. 


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Certification procedure for plant-grown products and fish products

Our certification procedure for plant-grown products and fish products is characterized by a rigorous and professional approach. We prioritize the verification of raw materials to ensure strict adherence to the highest kosher standards. For plant-derived materials, we meticulously inspect for the presence of bugs or insects in compliance with kosher dietary laws. In the case of fish products, our comprehensive assessment covers the cleanliness of fish, free from internal worms, and their classification as kosher species. Our commitment is to guarantee that all raw ingredients used in the company’s production processes meet the most exacting kosher criteria, thereby upholding the integrity of kosher certification for these products.
Fish Food in a Fish Market Stand

Trusted by Jewish communities worldwide

Our kosher certification company is globally recognized and trusted by Jewish communities worldwide, thanks to our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of kashrus. We take immense pride in our dedication to ensuring the strictest compliance with kosher dietary laws and the meticulous scrutiny of products to provide a reliable and trusted certification service to the Jewish community on a global scale.


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